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Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip

This Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip is perfect for after school snacks, lunchbox snacks and for desserts. It takes only minutes to make and packs lots of chocolate sweetness in each bite. I love dipping different fruits in this...

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Skinny Jalapeno Poppers with Dip

I love healthy spicy food, and these Skinny Jalapeno Poppers with Dip provide the crispness your palate needs after a hot, delicious bite, and the cool Cilantro Greek Yogurt dip pairs perfectly with them. I like to pair this...

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Skinny Orange Dream Smoothie

Metabolism…. start your engine! This delicious Orange Dream Smoothie is packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients! Oranges are full of Vitamin C which is known to boost your metabolism, as is Greek yogurt at Almond milk. Talk about a...

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Skinny and Tasty Spinach Cheese Dip

This Skinny Spinach Cheese Dip is one of my favorite Greek yogurt recipes. Not only is it creamy and delicious, but it’s also metabolism boosting and healthier than the regular recipe. The website has even asked me to...

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